Who are we?

Webmyjersey represents a core of young individuals with strong backgrounds who have joined forces, experiences and skills to launch an up-and-coming web agency, specialised in a wide variety of digital services and solutions. Our web services provide complete and reliable online solutions which include design, development, delivery and support.

We are excited to team up with existing IT service provider Raven Consultancy in order to deliver these solution to our clients. Raven, who have been operating in Jersey since 2009, have made a name for themselves as a niche provider of bespoke, client-centric solutions that are tailor-made to suit individual clients’ budgets and requirements, and we are able to extend their service offering with our dedicated project team.

Why us?

When we decided to launch Webmyjersey we had one big goal: providing premium quality at an affordable price. Probably right now you’re thinking – is this even possible? Sure, quality has its price, but first and foremost we are a hard-working group of passionate people who would not do anything else for a living but this. Knowing that you wake up every day just to do something you love and which makes you happy is a great feeling, and this helps tremendously in our mission to provide the best experience and services that our customers can ask for.

What’s on our menu?

We offer everything from web design and development, e-Commerce solutions, graphic design, video marketing, bespoke software solutions, SEO and social media marketing to PPC marketing and much more. We also provide 100% complete solutions, from initial design phase to getting you completely up-and-running. Don’t you worry, we will make it happen for you.

Got an idea? Let us know and We’ll web your Universe in no time!