Apple leaks iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR names on its own website

A last-minute leak has seemingly confirmed the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR names for Apple’s newest phones, and revealed new Apple Watch sizes. The names, first spotted byATH, are found in a product sitemap XML file hosted on, and are associated with items that will be available to purchase including AppleCare support, phone cases, and Watch bands. Today’s leak would put the names “iPhone XS Plus” and “iPhone XC” out of contention. The XML file mentions the Apple Watch Series 4 by name, and new watch bands in wider 40mm and 44mm sizes (existing Apple Watches are either 38mm or 42mm) and a variety of colors. The file has been pulled, but not before we grabbed a few screenshots. Source here #iphonex #iphonexs #iphonexsmax #iphonexr #iphonexsmax
Written by: Admin - 12 September 2018