Apple to Reveal New Home-Grown Apps, Software Features at WWDC

Starting with iOS, some of the most exciting improvements is the native dark mode. Since the launch of the iPhone X – the first iPhone with an OLED panel – the need for a UI-wide dark mode has never been bigger. The company also wants to improve some of its services that are usually handled better by third-party apps like navigation, to-do lists, health, etc..

The Health, Reminders and Maps apps will receive major improvements and add new features to better compete with alternatives in Apple’s App Store.

Speaking of App Store, it’s expected to make an appearance on WatchOS as well. Users will finally be able to install apps on their Apple Watches without using the phone – direct installation will be made available.

And as for macOS, it’s expected that the first batch of iPad apps will make their way to Macs meaning you can run some iOS apps on your MacBook.

There are tons of other improvements and features so head at the source link below to read all about them.



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Written by: Admin - 07 May 2019