How to restore deleted emails in Gmail

How to recover deleted emails in Gmail

Written by: Admin - 13 June 2017
We look at what to do if you accidentally hit the delete button on that message in Gmail It is very worrying when you find a message you needed to look at has disappeared from your Gmail inbox. You might...

Meet HomePod, Apple’s much-predicted $349 Siri speaker

Written by: Admin - 12 June 2017
Running behind Amazon, Google and the Android creator Andy Rubin's Essential Home, Apple has finally confirmed its own standalone digital assistant product, or 'Siri speaker', the HomePod. The announcement, made at the company's 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) today in...

Why AI won’t replace all human data analysts

Written by: Admin - 06 April 2017
While artificial intelligence for self-driving cars and virtual assistants gets a lot of attention, the past few months have seen a wave of AI advancements focused on the tasks of analysts. “Analyst” is a ubiquitous role, found in every industry...

Google launches animation tool so you can turn boring data into cool GIFs

Written by: Admin - 06 April 2017
The search engine titan announced it has launched a handy animation tool that essentially lets you turn tedious number charts into slightly more entertaining GIF illustrations. The so-called Data GIF Maker practically allows users to set their desired parameters and effortlessly transform them into...