Google helps you better control the ads you do not want to see


The Internet is full of ads, some more aggressive and annoying than others, but at least when it comes to what Google offers, now you can customize them.

Online advertising is the main source of revenue for most online publications. Even in 2018, Google generates the bulk of its revenue from ads it posts between search results and partner sites. Because it has the world’s largest online advertising network and is doing its best not to alienate its users, the Mountain View giant is often improving its recipe to serve its ads.

You’d be tempted to think that the personalization options of ads the user receives from Google are infinite to non-existent, but that’s not the case. As early as 2009, the US company has offered tools for the Internet users to choose to some extent the ads they want or do not want to see. Nine years ago, that mechanism was titled Ads Preferences Manager. Currently it has a simple name – Ads Settings. If you want to access that section of your Google profile, just use this link.


Although Ads Settings does not often have updates, a major change has been announced through a post on the company’s blog. From now on, you’ll have a dedicated button on that webpage titled Mute This Ad (changes the add to silent mode). This button will help you never see specific ads from your online, Google, third-party, or mobile apps browsing.


The entire update will only change the customization of the ads for anything you’ve searched in the past. If you searched for a Mac Book in the hope that they will get cheaper, it is at least annoying to see for 2-3 days only ads on Apple products, and Google understands this.

Written by: Admin - 26 January 2018